13882377_10206698160793502_1634114005640530734_nI am very happy and blessed to be part of the KCT Business School. From the day of my admission till now, I learn many new things from every member of KCT BS. This has improved my self confidence to face any situation. I got opportunities to improve my team building skills, presentation skills, inter personal communication skills, and lots more. I still remember the days of our Flip-2015 organised by our seniors which helped us to understand each other. Our seniors were so friendly and guided us in various activities to start our journey at KCT BS. The academic classes were very different from my UG. We had Faculty Led Sessions and Peer Learning Sessions. These were very new to me. But soon I adapted to this because of the support and guidance from staffs and friends. We had time to discuss and improve our ideas and learnt from other students who had work experiences. The question paper patterns were also different which focused on various knowledge levels and had real time case studies to be solved. This was a good platform where we could connect our subjects with real happenings in corporate. Adding to this were guest lectures, workshops which were handled by experienced people from reputed organisations. We also had chances to connect our subjects to real world through market visit, rural visits, angadi, internships, etc. The forum activities like simulation games in finance, operations, HR etc helped to understand the topics still better as KCT BS believes that students learn more by doing things. Angadi was a great opportunity for all to be businessmen for two days. It was a fun filled learning of how to start a business, deal with various stakeholders like customers, suppliers, our competitors, etc. The outbound training was adventurous and enjoyable. We had great time understanding each other and supporting each other to finish the tasks given to us. This made me shed out my fear to try new things. The Social Immersion Project made us understand the importance of helping the needful community. Students as teams worked to help the society by joining hands with various NGOs of the city. Our team helped the abandoned children in Don Bosco Anbu Illam, Coimbatore. This project gave me an opportunity to give back some valuable service to the society. The next learning was from Yugam, a grand techno-cultural event at KCT. I was a volunteer in Yugam. It was a wonderful chance to extend our networks with other college students who visited and participated in various events. We learnt by organising management games and enjoyed the cultural events. KCT BS helped the engineering students by providing volunteers for their placements trainings – Group Discussions. KCT Alumni were invited to conduct mock GD for engineering students. We the volunteers had chances to interact with alumni and also encouraged juniors to develop their communication skills. The internship project was a major part of the course where we got chance to understand how various concepts are applied in the real business. We also understood the functions of each department in an organisation. We had industrial visits, family business visits, entrepreneur talks, etc to support the students interested in entrepreneurship. We were also involved in student’s admission process and organising Flip for our juniors. I am thankful to all the members of KCT BS – knowledgeable and friendly staffs, supportive seniors, juniors and my most precious batch mates who have made and will make my remaining stay at KCT BS most memorable and fruitful to achieve my goals.

-Gnanadeepa S

Out of your comfort zone ;)

13321633_10206310538543188_2218934904981301033_nKCT BS is a place to come out of your comfort zone and explore the different areas of interest. It helps mould a person to handle pressure, multitask, innovate and work towards their interest.

Life at KCTBS is always busy. I have got used to being busy that I feel weird if I don’t have any work to do. MBA in KCTBS is not like another normal college where you learn from the books. Here in KCTBS, one learns by doing. There are a lot of opportunities available for the students in KCTBS. It is up to the students to reach out and grab the opportunities.

It is not only those who grab the opportunity who shine in KCTBS. The other students who hesitate to stand up and grab the opportunities are also made to get ready for their future be it either corporate or entrepreneurship.

This one year at KCTBS has given me a lot of exposure in various fields. To quote one unique exposure: Social Immersion Project. The students in small teams should go help change something in the society with the help of a Non- Government Organisation. The team usually consists of 6-7 students. We as a team took up a project on waste management. We had to educate the residents of an urban area on waste segregation and composting of the waste. Before starting this project our NGO partner had arranged for us to visit the dump yard of Coimbatore so that we undertstand the importance of waste management. This Social immersion Project thought us how to go about different things, deal with different people and get our work done. My experience during this project, made me change the way I approach people.

It is not just the opportunities and the exposure at KCTBS which makes it stand out from the other colleges. KCTBS focuses on getting the students corporate ready and starts the training from the first semester to help the students face placements easily. It also helps students develop many other habits like reading the newspaper. I have always been going through the newspaper to keep myself updated from my school days. So I did not find much of a problem going through the news. But the challenge here is not just going through the newspaper, it is interepreting and connecting the news so that it is very easy to remember the news and recollect it. I have found a significant difference in the way I talk to other people about the current affairs after I started interpreting and connecting the news. Emphasis is being given on news reading from the first day of the college. This is being done from the perspective of placements.

I got an opportunity to be a mentor for the Fresher Learning and Immersion Program (FLIP) 2016. This program is an orientation for the first year students to get to know each other and the college. The role of the mentor was to make sure the first years were comfortable and had all their doubts cleared. Being a mentor this year took me back to the time when I was a first year student and my seniors were my mentors. It was a year back when I entered the auditorium to be welcomed by my seniors, listen to the encouraging words of the Joint Correspondent, the Principal and the Director; my journey took off and I am still flying, confident that I will not fall!

KCTBS has thought me to fly.

Every day at KCTBS is a new learning. You get the opportunity to do something new everyday. Again , it is upto every individual to stand up and take the opportunity.

A whole new world is waiting outside KCTBS. KCTBS teaches how to keep flying in that world!

-Ashwini. N

2015-17 batch

Sharpen my skills



My experience in KCT Business School has been great. It has provided me with lot of opportunities to sharpen my skills. It has helped me to gain knowledge and experience that will help me to face the outside world with courage. The constant support and motivation of faculties has been the key role in my quest to self development. It was them who realized the potential in me and asked me to work on it, even at the time when I wasn’t confident in myself. And now I can face any situation with confidence thanks to their support.

Life in KCT Business School has been busy with constant look out for Assignments, Guest lectures, Events and many more. Though at times it felt difficult to cope up with, but as time went on, it all made sense. The busy schedule was not to tire us, from work but to show a glimpse of how the corporate world works and what is expected of me when I step in it. It’s a trial lap, before the main event goes underway and I start competing with various others. Stepping in the corporate world does not scare me anymore as I have seen and faced it here at KCT Business School.

KCT Business School has provided me with something that will stay with me and help me during my future career and it is “Experience”. The Experience that I believe is the true knowledge that I have gained from my life at KCT Business School. And yes it wasn’t easy to achieve. With all the hype going on in the campus for one thing or another, it is necessary to keep the head straight and not deviate from your Goal. It is important to grab all the opportunities that come your way in a road to learn something new and gain Experience on the way. KCT Business School has taught me that regular classes are not the place where you learn new things; it is the work that you do outside these classes by volunteering, that gives you a chance to learn something new. This motivates you to push yourself further to complete the task within the deadline, meet new people, build your contacts and learn from these people. I am thankful to the institute for providing me with various opportunities where I was able to learn, not few but more than what I thought I would learn.

In short, Life at KCTBS has been no less than a roller coaster ride, facing ups and downs during the years. But it is these ups and downs of life that prepare you for the real life outside the campus and gives courage to face it. It is during these times you get to know how strong you can really be when it is most required. You learn to keep the cool when you falter and at the same time stay humble when you win. With some special friends by your side, and motivating faculties to help you reach your goal, it’s nothing less than a fairy tale. And when it’s time to leave the campus and enter the corporate world, these memories, emotions and thoughts will be missed, and I would wish that the Life at KCT Business School had never ended.

-Rohit Halwai

2015-17 batch

Just like the way a mother protects a child

13775594_1134060046661395_4028943183203094034_nI remember the first day of my college when I entered the auditorium, where my seniors welcomed me with their warm smiles as if was a sign to say it is your turn to come and shine. The first speech addressed to us by Mr. Shankar Vanavaraya took away all my fear and gave wings to my dreams..The wings of my dreams continue to flap within and drives me towards excellence. It never allows me to settle and always pushes me to take up challenges. Each day is an opportunity to do something new, to take up a task that I have never done before and learn something new everyday. It has given me enough and more opportunities to transform myself into a responsible person. I have explored myself and I have clearly understood myself. Our BS campus is one place that is filled with so much positive energy. No matter in what mood I enter the campus, it fills within me a positive energy that keeps me going throughout the day. I tried to figure it out what actually is that driving force, it still remains as a mystery to me. Wearing the KCT tag itself is a pride it silently keeps telling me you represent KCT wherever I go. Our BS values Trust, Competence and Learning has truly made a better person. KCT BS is place where I found the real me. A bag of opportunities knock at my door everyday giving me a chance to involve and evolve. It has made me a team player and a socialized person. I never wondered that I would feel such a change in me and today all that I have been wanting to do is changing into a reality. The Social Immersion Project that I did has made me more society oriented person and made me realize that it is each ones duty to give something back to the society. There were so many occasions, where I exhibited leadership skills and I realized there was a hidden leader in me. There wouldn’t have a better place than KCT-BS to explore and understand myself. There was Fun filled learning, Apart from regular classes, we had practical learnings through field visits, out bound training, industrial visits. All this would not have been possible without the support of all our BS staffs. They have put enormous efforts on us to bring us to this level. Even after I leave ,I will always remember the warmth that KCT gave me. Just like the way a mother protects a child inside her womb and makes the child ready to face the world, KCT had kept me in a protective space and made me ready to face the outer world boldly and courageously.

– Humaira Yusuf

2015-17 batch

A place to be and a place to evolve


That’s KCTBS in a nutshell. The nature friendly and picturesque infrastructure creates the positive vibes in the campus. Everyday is a new beginning here, that every MBA student looks forward to. The smiles on everyone’ face makes one feel at home during the day.

KCTBS is a blueprint of a train that travels through every place irrespective of the hurdles or climate and disasters. This throws light that, no matter what happens around the campus, every individual works and dedicates himself completely to achieve the goals of the day.

The journey until now,at KCTBS has been quite an interesting one. The faculty are supportive and encouraging which enhances the student’s capability to an entirely different level. The curriculum and the structure of the MBA program gives place to immense growth and contribution to oneself and the education society as a whole.

The values- Learning, Trust and Competency are displayed at every level during his/her journey in this institution. The learning is entrepreneurial, trust is mutual and competency is constant!

Every member of the management is a mentor to one another and also to the students,which again, goes beyond the classroom and subjects.The program not only adds value to the career of students, but also engages faculty in a way that builds their career further.

The targets given or undertaken are challenging, which equips us to move forward despite the hurdles, for the real world.The corporate life is practiced and not taught, hence we are tuned to the do’s and don’t’s, professionally.

The hierarchy is such that, it gives equal importance to experience and achievements, and this is etched in the students’ minds that nothing comes easy. The associations and collaborations that KCTBS is involved in, encourages students to put their eggs in different baskets, to find their true passion in terms of profession and also individual growth.

No event or happening goes unnoticed in terms of global industry developments, which again is incorporated into the MBA program in one way or the other, so that it removes the major blocks in ‘s the minds of the students. We are molded to explore the deep end of the sea in one’s domain, which is precisely the focus of management studies.

We have been carved to completely involve in what we ought to do, love what we do, and give the right space and recognition to every individual involved in working towards the target.

We have a few months left in hand to mark our finish line for the next 30 years of our career, be it any domain and KCTBS has given us the platform to explore and enhance ourselves for the game.

That’s what KCTBS does to you!

Adios amigos!

– Ishwarya. M

2015-17 batch

‘Senior’is just a word of respect

                  Hello this is Nikil adithya,A new family member of it’s my pleasure to write the so far experience of mine in To note I was not  intentionally asked or forced to write a essay of experience in I just copied from my journel hoping that it will bring smile in my senior’s face and encouraging and congratulating their hard work on successfully making the FLIP a grand success!!The reason for pinpointing the seniors is they are the pillars of the program that have been conducted for 3days.I guess that addressing as  ‘senior’is just a word of respect …personally I would address them as ‘the best friends who advices or take cares of new bees’.All the activities and lectures was simply awesome. Felt like the days ran faster when we are eagerly waiting to spend more time inside the campus and literally in the session. A Special mention on my ‘mentor Gnanadeepa’ calm and coolest person. I’m really happy to have her as mentor because she gave a tip on how to prioritise work,hold time the best way in stressed situation ,and enjoy to the max.Hope that takes me to the ways of becoming a perfectionist.
And finally,I may missed out few awesome personalities name but as far known Sridhar,Agnel,Aishwarya,Sam,Pradeep,Sangeetha,Gnandeepa,Arun… I found one common thing in you all.. that you guys was repeatedly asking few  question to us to make us comfortable and facilitate us with joy and relentlessly working on it..
1.friends how are you feeling?
2.Are you enjoying? is the session?
4.Be frank to ask question because the teachers are not here!!
 And my answer for all these questions is YES,we enjoyed a lot …it’s all because of you guys.. I really feel blessed to have such senior’s to whom I can interact anytime!! You guys definitely did a great job I mean your hardwork was the only  that paid for a grand success..